Welcome to Majestic Wellbeing

Majestic Wellbeing was founded in 2016 by a team of health conscious, gym obsessed individuals. The team not only wanted to bring more than just the mainstream brands to the public, but to also provide a resource of information, comparison abilities and helpful advice to help people find the right products. With so much misleading information in the health, fitness and natural beauty industries, our main aim is to help educate newbies and old-timers to alternative lifestyle choices and positive life changes, without scaring them away with products and brands that might not be suitable for their style or requirements.

We search far and wide to supply the niche, as well as the well-known, and allow you to decide for yourself which products and brands you love. We take great pleasure in supporting new brands and helping our customers judge a product on its credentials, not just on the number of social media followers the brand has. If you haven’t already guessed, we are passionate about the industry! Our team love sampling new products, which apart from being great for us, is great for you. ‘Tried and tested’ enables us to give our honest opinion about products and offer you relatable information, comparing tastes, scents and sharing our own results to give you the ultimate customer service.

Of upmost importance is our reputation and the values we stand for. We will always endeavour to offer our honest opinion, if the product works for you, you are more likely to buy it again…it’s a no brainer. We care about how we operate so operate a minimal waste policy and recycle as much of our packing materials as possible. Our premises are built in an agricultural area with plans to be as energy efficient as possible. We believe that we should not only live healthy, but also work healthy.

When buying from us you are buying into a reliable and friendly service and if for whatever reason you think we have room for improvement, please don’t hesitate to contact us.