Just as the hysteria had begun to die down with regards to Grenade releasing three flavours of their protein spread, they then go and release a new flavour that really has set the cat amongst the pigeons.  

Now the whole ‘find your favourite’ selection process must be repeated so we can truly determine our perfect flavour of choice. Choosing between the current flavours was hard enough…

Milk Chocolate - think Nutella

Hazel Nutter - similar to the Peanut Nutter Carb Killa Bar

White Chocolate Cookie - heaven in a jar, complete with little bits of cookie in the spread.

Introducing the Jaffa Quake Carb Killa Spread. If you like Terry’s Chocolate Orange, you are going to love this! Unfortunately, we don’t sell any organic healthy lifestyle bibs/tissues to help mop up the drool.      

Like the other Grenade spreads, the Jaffa Quake is also

  • 87% Less Sugar vs other leading chocolate spread brands
  • 20% Protein content
  • Gluten Free

 If you haven’t already sampled the Grenade protein spread, heres some reasons why you should:

  • A healthier option for children and adults versus other chocolate spread brands.
  • 20% protein will help support healthy muscle building, tied in with regular exercise.
  • The lower sugar content makes this an excellent product for people on a low sugar diet, for a treat every now and then.