Nutripot is the start of a series of blog entries, uncovering each of our wonderful quirky brands and explaining their benefits to you. At Majestic Wellbeing we love New Brands of all shapes and sizes. Most of all we pride ourselves in working with manufacturers and brands owners from around the world to make our shop your ‘go-to’ for something a little bit different, a hidden treasure.

Nutripot The brand was discovered by the owners of Majestic Wellbeing in 2016, they loved the taste of the product and its unique properties, and its target gap market. Nutripot is ideal for people wanting to start eating healthier, people who are getting caught up in all the hype over Joe Wicks Lean in 15 and the Lean Machines, but just haven’t got the time or the energy to begin meal-prepping for the next two weeks.


First of all in simple terms…a pot noodle, but not just any pot noodle…this pot noodle is the healthiest pot noodle you will buy, containing 20g of Protein and a whopping 50% of your daily Vitamins and Minerals. Consequently this also makes it perfect for health-conscious individuals struggling to remember to take a daily multivitamin. At £2.49 Nutripot seems like a wonderful alternative to shop-bought sandwiches or fast-food; brilliant price point, superb taste, less than a minute to make, and a genuine healthy solution to lunch times.


(These Typical Values of Nutripot show how The Food Standards Agency (FSA) traffic light system marks these Super-super noodles as a Good Choice food!)

Furthermore this healthy lunch can also help with dieters struggling to cut-out all treats!
Brilliant for gym-goers and muscle builders with its high Protein content – a perfect post-workout snack!


Most noteworthy is that they are all suitable for Vegetarians!

What the owners say…

“Made with care and over 20 years experience.
We care about nutrition.  We care about taste. We care about what we eat.
We care about you and your nutrition too.”