Peanut butter is a fantastic natural source of protein. The modern concentrated protein versions with a higher percentage of protein are ideal for those aiming for a higher intake for muscle building reasons, people struggling with their protein intake as part of their natural diet, or those with ailments that can be improved with an increased alternative protein intake.


There are several vegetarian and vegan peanut protein products available, most of which are an ideal alternative to normal peanut spreads, that also provide you with a source of fibre and high quantities of ‘good’ fats. 


Flavoured protein peanut spreads are a wonderful alternative to popular chocolate spread brands that are high in sugar and fat. There are also many gluten free spreads that support a celiac diet.


Protein peanut spreads are a key ingredient in the making of endless recipes, snacks and ‘on-the-go’ meals. If you are guilty of buying food out, there are a few simple ingredients you can try to always keep in your cupboard:


  • Protein spread (If you aren’t a fan of peanut flavour, there are many other flavours including chocolate, cinnamon, orange) 
  • Rice cakes 
  • Porridge oats 
  • Frozen berries; raspberries, blueberries, blackberries etc.


Obviously, there are lots of great ways to quickly prepare a protein snack with your peanut spread, but these four staple ingredients have a long shelf life and are excellent emergency accompaniments.


Try adding it to:


  • Protein spread on rice cakes 
  • Protein spread and berries in porridge 
  • Protein spread of toast 
  • Protein spread in cereal, granola, muesli 
  • Protein spread covered fruit, chilled for a really tasty snack 


If, like most people, you have a sweet tooth, why not try the above with a drizzle of honey? Give peanut protein spread a try and discover a whole other way to snack healthy!