The Cornish Seaweed Company - Cornish Seaweed Salt 45g

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Seaweeds are the most powerful food that we have on this planet. Not really plants, they are algae, growing in the shallower parts of the world’s oceans. Seaweeds contain all the minerals that our body needs and have the highest number of vitamins, minerals and trace elements compared to any other food group.

Cornish Seaweed Salt

This Cornish Seaweed Salt is a mix of small-flaked Dulse, Nori and Sea Greens friendly mixed with high quality Cornish Sea Salt. It is ready-to-use, no need for grinding, pinch and sprinkle on any dish.

Cut down on salt intake and benefit from the taste, health and nutritional properties of the seaweeds.

Use on any dish you would otherwise ordinarily use normal salt for. From fish to egg and anything in between!

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Cornish Sea Salt (84%), Dried Organic Dulse (7%), Dried Organic Nori (4%), Dried Organic Gutweed (4%).

Allergy Information

Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Oat Free.

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